Solutions for borrowers

Sometimes a bank or credit union just can't lend money to a borrower. Bankmybiz has it's own funding source to help your business get funding.

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Fill out our online or mobile app loan application 

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Speak with one of our Advantage loan underwriters

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If your loan is approved, get funded

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Other online lenders charge extremely hight interest rates with the national average exceeding 30%. Bankmybiz is a fair lender and never charges above 12%. In fact we have the lowest average interest rate nationwide

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We value our customers and your personal information. Thats why we have implemented the highest security measures 

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The overwhelming majority of our competitors sell your information to other lenders or companies they call "partners" as leads. Since we work with banks or fund internally, we never sell your info

Take 5 minutes to apply for a Bankmybiz small business loan