focused on helping small businesses and our bank partners by using innovative technology

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Built By Bankers was launched in 2013 by seasoned banking executives who understand the industry and it's pain points. We know that technology will revolutionize banking and we are leading the charge.

Bankmybiz works with banks all over the country to help them service their customers. Sometimes banks just can't approve loans, especially lower dollar amount loans. With our Areble technology program banks can significantly reduce their cost to underwrite and service loans, allowing them to fun smaller loans.

If a bank still cant approve a loan Bankmybiz may be able to help their customer with one of our internal Bankmybiz loans.

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Yes, there are other companies out there that offer variations of automated applications and underwriting. However Bankmybiz and Areble are the ONLY solution that uses blockchain and distributed ledger technology! By using our system you financial institution will be among the most advanced in the world.

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We understand that funding is only a small part of of businesses operations. That is why we have partnered with other companies to help better serve small businesses. It is not our goal to be "all things to everybody" but we have formed so amazing relationships that our customers can utalize!