Ari is "Automated Relationship INTELLIGENCE" 

A technology-driven solution for your financial institution


Why is your financial institution using 30 year old technology? Just think about how your team is collecting information and identifying opportunities.

New commercial and small business loan applications, treasury management and merchant service applications, mortgage and wealth management applications...

They are all a separate process aren't they? Located in different silos. Guarded by specific departments, waiting for customers to be referred by your own team.

How many opportunities are falling through the cracks? It's very likely your team isn't operating efficiently across departments and it's hurting your ROI.

No more! Now any team members in retail, commercial, or specialized can identify opportunities, collect information, refer and cross sell.

With Ari we have created a new world in financial institution efficiency and customer experience. Use our technology to streamline workflow, integrate with your legacy systems, make all team members proficient and provide your customers with the best experience possible.

It's time for your FI to stand out.

Ari’s benefits 

-Ensures a consistent experience for your customer

-Creates an effective workflow for your staff

-Eliminates the need to have specialists at every location

-Gathers critical data and produces reports

-Reduces risk of human error

-Maximizes lead generation across all your product offerings

-Easy application tracking for Reg B