two solutions to Optimize your Financial Institution


The Bankmybiz Loan Referral Program

Refer . Gain New Business . Earn Fees

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If your financial Institution can’t fund a loan we may be able to which makes your customers happy and provides your FI with a new source of referral income.


Automated Relationship Intelligence … or as we call her, Ari

Changing the way financial institutions and customers interact

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With a few finger taps your customers explore all your products, pre-qualifies them & sends them in the right direction.

Why we are the right solution for you  

  • Ari and Bankmybiz were created by bankers. In fact we have over 50 years of executive banking experience
  • Bankmybiz has been helping small business owners for 6 years and our internal lending partner has been funding businesses for 30 years
  • Your financial institution’s compliance and security standards will always be met and exceeded
  • We combine our artificial intelligence and logic based tech with a team of seasoned underwriting professionals that have their eyes and brains on every deal and customer workflow

Business Owners, get the best loan and rate for your business today