We launched Bankmybiz.com in 2013 to be an advocate for small businesses throughout the United States.  

Bankmybiz.com works with banks all over the country to help them service their customers. Sometimes banks just can't approve loans, especially lower dollar amount loans.  That's where we come in. Bankmybiz.com allows banks to approve smaller business loans and help their customers.

For example, a restaurant needs $25,000 for some new kitchen equipment. The bank that the restaurant works with is unable to approve that loan, BUT that bank works with Bankmybiz.com so the restaurant owner has another option to get approved!!!    

Our founding team has spent their entire careers serving small businesses and wanted to address a growing concern: The increasing difficulties small businesses have accessing capital to support their growth. These issues are usually related to:   

1. Time it takes to get a decision and get funded.

2. Restrictions on industry. 

3. Non-transparent interest rates and fees. 

At our very core our mission is to lend small businesses, just like yours, the money they need to grow: Not to make an offensive profit from the small print... e-hem, like our online competition. 

We want you to succeed. We think the fact that you are a small business owner is amazing and we want to support your success.  

Bankmybiz has developed innovative technology for financial institutions. AREBLE, AUTOMATED RELATIONSHIP BASED LENDING.

digital small business loan technology for financial institutions that merges traditional business banking and online lending. 


Our Partner

Bankmybiz.com is proud to partner with Advantage+. Advantage+ has been lending to small businesses for over 20 years.  They have lent over one-half billion dollars to over 15,000 customers.

Bankmybiz.com would love to give you every resource possible that's why we work with several amazing small business advocacy groups, including SCORE! They have knowledgable mentors who are there to help.

we are here to help your small business succeed.