Areble is "Automated Relationship Based Lending" 

A technology-driven solution for your financial institution

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Your customers are your most important asset which is why Bankmybiz makes sure to provide them with a seamless technology solution that integrates with your existing technology. Our secure application process only takes an applicant about 3 minutes to complete. Your customers can either access your small business loan application on your FI’s website, the Bankmybiz website or the Bankmybiz mobile app.  


Our innovative technology integrates with consumer and business credit bureaus as well as an independent small business analytics firm.  We provide your FI with our credit recommendation, all supporting financial documents, as well as other key metrics and data that will help you make an informed decision.   


Whether your Financial Institution is looking to better serve existing customers with diverse needs, or you see an opportunity to capture a new segment of your addressable market, Bankmybiz can help. 

Our Solution Offers 

  • Digital small business loan technology for your FI
  • Increased speed of underwriting and managed credit risk
  • A better, technology-driven experience for your customers
  • Lower cost of underwriting and increased efficiencies
  • The ability to fund loans that your FI turns down so your customer stays happy
  • Loan servicing solution that saves your FI even more time and money
  • Support from our back office small business lending team